The organization is run by a diverse group of dedicated volunteers through its Board of Directors and Steering Committee. We welcome participation and collaboration to increase and amplify awareness in an effort to continue building a stronger art & culture community, Volunteer | Fall River, MA | Creative Arts Network

Since June 2014, Creative Arts Network INC., (C.A.N.), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, started as AHA! Fall River through the Community Foundation of Southeastern MA with a focus on highlighting the multitude of art, music, theater, charity, historical, and cultural events throughout greater Fall River. Our target audience include residents, visitors from towns on both sides of the Taunton River & Mount Hope Bay, and Boston to Providence. We hoped to impress upon our guests the variety and quality of the cultural opportunities in the area.

After 3 years working under the AHA label, we realized this model wasn’t compatible with the needs of Fall River not to mention the difficulty connecting with the AHA name. Our financial stability allowed us to make the decision to move in a new direction to position ourselves to better meet the needs and demands of a gateway city. In 2017, through research, focus groups and marketing specialists we formed Creative Arts Network Inc., (CAN) along with a branding logo then formed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We continue to offer quality programming and events such as musical performances, concerts, art exhibits, themed events all offering opportunities for the local art & culture community to showcase their works and talents.

Creative Arts Network INC., C.A.N.


Mission: To celebrate, stimulate and nurture arts, culture, entertainment, and tourism in the Greater Fall River area.
Vision Statement: The purpose of Creative Arts Network INC., C.A.N. is to raise awareness of Fall River’s art and culture scene. Its goal is to create a vibrant, sustainable art and culture community to help build on economic development and tourism.

C.A.N. is a collaboration dedicated to invigorating the Fall River cultural scene, increase public accessibility, and support art & culture initiatives. Doing this effectively will create economic opportunity for the local area and promote tourism.

Increasing collaboration and public awareness will improve the effectiveness and quality of programs offered. Reaching new audiences will help drive economic growth and increased awareness for Greater Fall River as a choice destination.

Creative Arts Network INC., CAN Events & Projects

CAN has organized and run 100’s of events over the years all incorporating art & culture with a theme. Projects typically run from Spring through the Christmas holiday.

The purpose of themes is to present distinctive cultural programs with creative partner involvement that remain robust. Our events present opportunities for performers, artists, and humanitarians of all disciplines on all levels to engage the public. They offer an opportunity to experience Fall River’s rich culture and talent. Many of our events are free and offer an interactive family experience.

Through our work over the years, we have seen a substantial increase in art & culture and a much higher number of events and projects related to this industry. This growth has allowed CAN to now focus our attention on signature projects and policy issues although we will continue with select events. We believe this direction will lead to both population & economic growth, and tourism opportunities for the area.

Fall River Waterfront Cultural District
Cultural Districts drive economic growth, strengthen our distinctive local character, and improve the quality of life of families across Massachusetts. By supporting arts, humanities, and science organizations, Cultural Districts attract tourists and entrepreneurs, which in turn help communities foster their cultural sector and expand their tax base. And that benefits everyone. After five (5) years working with Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) in June of 2020 Fall River Waterfront Cultural District became the Commonwealth’s 50th official Cultural District and the first official Cultural District in Fall River.

“Hortensia” The Hydrangea Project
The “Hortensia” project has been embraced and supported by a number of major stakeholders and has seen major growth over the first two years and is continuing to grow.

This project addresses a number of challenges our city faces such as beautification, connectivity of our waterfront to downtown, cultural connection to Azores. The project is to plant Hydrangea throughout the Waterfront Cultural District, downtown and eventually weaving through our neighborhoods by incorporating the Hydrangea in landscape design.

In 2020 they Mayor proclaimed June 15th as Hydrangea Day in Fall River and the City Council voted for the Hydrangea to become the official ornamental flower of the city.

The evidence is clear: A clean attractive city is an important asset for economic development, improves the quality of life and enhances the experience for visitors. People like coming to clean, attractive places. This project will also offer ecological value to our quality of life.

Public Art Policy Program
The City of Fall River recognizes the value of public art to its citizens and visitors. Public art provides engaging, imaginative spaces that enliven the public experience, foster community, celebrates our unique stories and collective history and inspires us to experience the world with fresh perceptions. Public works of art can transform and activate civic spaces and create a unique identity for Fall River as a destination place.

Public art in Fall River has a strong history, from the “Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall,” in Fall River’s Bicentennial Park (currently under construction in 2021) to the 1940 statue of “Prince Henry the Navigator”, murals and artworks set along South Main Street, created by members of the Greater Fall River Art Association.

A Public Art Policy and Program will promote the City’s identity, civic pride, attract visitors and businesses, develop vibrant creative spaces, and jobs. A newly developed Public Art Policy and Program would raise public awareness of the impact of public art and its cultural and economic contributions.

According to the Mass Cultural Council, several MA communities have developed public art plans to address the growing collection of public art in their city or town. This new trend is growing throughout the Commonwealth and is being encouraged for cities and towns to implement. CAN has started the steps for the implementation of a formal public art policy program for the city of Fall River. A draft policy, resolution and ordinance has been written and forwarded to the City Council for discussion./p>

Art & Culture Survey
During the recent COVID-19 pandemic we realized the struggles our art & culture community are facing. We quickly pivoted and developed an on-line survey to address the way people are looking for art & culture to be delivered post-COVID, Art & Culture Post COVID-19 | Creative Arts Network

This survey has provided us with valuable data and feedback on attitude, thoughts and opinions from a range of demographics. This has allowed us to focus our planning and marketing on projects identified through the results. We encourage everyone to click and take our survey in effort to address and deliver the types of art & culture that will continue to build a stronger art & culture community.

Over the past four (4) years CAN has been fortunate to have been funded in part by Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) through a state earmark. This earmark allowed us to offer quality programming and signature events such as the Waterfront Art & Music Festival and our holiday Festival of Trees. These two signature events have brought a sense of community to Fall River. Other funding sources over the years have come from Massachusetts Cultural Council, Fall River Cultural Council, Mass Development. The community support we receive from businesses in for form of donations, sponsorships, and in-kind is a testimonial to their confidence in us to provide the community with high-quality events and projects. Fundraising is a continuous form of raising funds for CAN.

We appreciate and thank you for your continued support and belief in Creative Arts Network Inc. and the respect for the work we do for our community. We ask for your continued support in our efforts to continue building a strong art & culture community by making a donation Donate (paypal.com)