Much work has been done since our first meeting with the "Hortensia" The Hydrangea Project.

The evidence is clear: A clean attractive city is one of our assets for economic development, improves the quality of life and enhances the experience for visitors. People like coming to clean attractive places.
Anyone interested in volunteering go to the Engage Tab and click on the volunteer form. We are always looking for volunteers!

Phase I - Starting the conversation
2018 - Phase I Creative Arts Network Inc. (CAN) was approached to by David LaLima of the Westport Trail Team to present a Hydrangea beautification program in the City of Fall River and create hydrangea plantings similar to the Azores with Hydrangea Macrophylla.
After prudent consideration, our work began. Creative Arts Network Inc. (CAN), Dave and Sandy Dennis along with David LaLima met with stakeholders from MassDOT, City of Fall River, People Inc. to pitch the project. Within one (1) year the project was embraced by the parties and was ready for its first steps.

A public meeting was presented to the community by Mal Condon Curator of Hydrangeas of Heritage Museum and Gardens. Planting areas were strategically identified for the Hydrangea Macrophylla in the downtown area beginning with City Hall, South Main Street and Sullivan Drive. These locations were selected primarily for the planting process. The second location identified were the grounds of Battleship Cove.

2019 - Phase II - Government Center large urns, South Main Street, across street from Government Center - Spring 2019
•Planting of hydrangea in large urns around Government Center - Funding provided by People Inc.
•Planting of hydrangea in large urns on South Main Street, across street from Government Center - Funding provided by People Inc.
•Major clean-up at Battleship Cove and area around the carousel -Work completed by volunteers coordinated through Creative Arts Network Inc. supported by City of Fall River
•Store and maintain hydrangea plants through winter months - Location secured by David LaLima at a Albernaz Gardens, Fall River

2020 - Phase III - Battleship Cove grounds, Route 79/138 Connector, Anawan Street, Water Street - Spring 2020
•Mayor proclaimed June 25th Hydrangea Day in Fall River
•City Council voted to make the Hydrangea the ornamental flower of the city
•Secure Funding - Creative Arts Network Inc. (CAN) through a grant
•Watering issue - Resolved issue by purchasing a golf cart and large water tank - Funding provided by CAN, local sponsors (Lyons Club, Kiwanis Club, Joe Marshal & Assoc.)
•Mulch, stone, dirt, large urns, benches - Funding provided by Creative Arts Network Inc. (CAN) through a grant
•Re-planting of hydrangea in large urns around Government Center, South Main Street & Sullivan Drive - Funding provided by People Inc.
Postponed due to COVID-19 and drought - Due to resume April/May 2021
•Route 79/138 Connector - Planting of hydrangea and other decorative plantings, large interpretive panels will be placed on the large black fence for a self-guided exhibit depicting the history and culture of Fall River - Funding secured by Creative Arts Network (CAN) through a grant. CAN has also, officially, adopted this space through MassDOT's statewide Adopt-A-Spot program.
•Battleship Cove Grounds - Plant Hydrangea and mulch beds.
•Water Street - Collaborating with Mass Coastal Railroad to clean-up the small area on Water Street where the trains are. 2 Cedar benches will be installed along with an interpretive board and trees from the Fall River Street Tree Planting Program. This will allow for a small placemaking area - Funding secured by Creative Arts Network (CAN) through a grant, In-Kind by Mass Coastal Railroad
•Anawan Street - Large black urns will be placed along Anawan Street with hydrangea plants - Funding secured by CAN through a grant
These areas are particularly important now that the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) voted to approve the Commonwealth's 50th designated Cultural District on the waterfront in Fall River.

2021 - Phase IV
•Resume Phase III
•We have been approached by two individuals to beautify and plant hydrangea in areas of the city
oColumbia & South Main Street
oIntersection of Robeson Street & Highland Avenue
•Gates of the City - Clean-up the area in front of the gates, add more hydrangea plants - Funding to be determined.
•Creative Arts Network Inc. (CAN) officially adopted the spot at the Rt. 79/138 connector through MassDOT Adopt-A-Spot Program
•Implement Sponsor-A-Space Program for Fall River and work to expand the Adopt-A-Spot through the MassDOT program.

2022 - Phase V continuing throughout the Waterfront Cultural District leading up to the downtown
•Planters throughout Columbia Street
•Hill area above WOW Gym parking lot
•Corner of Milliken Blvd & Central Street
•Rt.79/138 Connector abutting the Wow Gyn parking lot where the granite Welcome to Fall River is